CSH Welcomes Debra Morey, Low Vision Occupational Therapist

Center for Sight & Hearing is proud to announce the addition of Debra Morey, MOT, ORT/L, SCL, to our team of specialized experts. Debra, a specialty certified low vision occupational therapist, is among 1 percent of occupational therapists certified to treat those with low vision.

Low Vision Occupational Therapy provides customized intervention to improve a person’s ability to perform daily activities like reading, lighting education, home modifications to reduce fall risk, and increase independence. Debra can address visual difficulties for people of all ages with eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. She can also help those with low vision conditions that accompany brain injury or stroke. A patient-centered treatment plan is designed to incorporate strategies that strengthen independent living, employment opportunities, and educational development. This includes an evaluation in the clinic or at the patient’s home or workplace, along with recommendations for training with adaptive equipment.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, vision loss is among the top 10 disabilities for adults. Low Vision Occupational Therapy is the latest service that CSH has added this year as part of the Vision Clinic expansion and is the only organization offering this service in northern Illinois. CSH Vision Services also include Orientation & Mobility (White Cane) Training, lenses and frames, and general optometry. 

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“Every client that crosses my path presents an opportunity to create positive change, and in many cases the opportunity to facilitate a dramatic shift in that person’s life.” -Debra Morey

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