Give A Gift

Types of Gifts

Planned Giving allows you to leave behind a legacy that will be utilized for the better good of others seeking our specialized care. A planned gift is accepted in the following forms:

  • Estate gifts
  • Real estate
  • Life insurance
  • Stocks
  • Land
  • Cash

These gifts can be honored during the donors lifetime, or upon death, and qualify for a charitable tax deduction. However, we also recommend reviewing your donation options with your financial or tax adviser.

Giving a gift in honor of a loved one, or to mark a special occasion, is the perfect way to celebrate their life. This is a great opportunity to help those in need in the name of your loved one.

In order to make an honorary gift, please send your tax-deductible donations and information to acknowledge the person of honor.

In-Kind donations are equally important as cash donations. You or your employer may have products such as computers, office supplies, equipment, or special services that we can utilize or that will benefit the lives of the people we serve.

Donations of eyeglasses, cell phones, hearing aids, ink cartridges, or chargers can be dropped off at the CSH donation bin located right inside of the front door.

You can easily double or triple your contribution to CSH by Matching Your Gift! Companies often donate to nonprofits on their own, but you can make sure that a portion of your donations go to a charity that you are passionate about.

For your employer to match your gift, we recommend consulting with the business or human resources department to fill out a Matching Gift Form along with your contributions.

Giving to CSH

  • Your contributions ensure that patients receive

    comprehensive care from our specialized experts

  • You enhance the quality of life for the people in your community.
  • You help those with vision or hearing loss live an

    independent lifestyle.

  • You help us launch new programs & services that

    provide individualized solutions for our patients and clients..

  • Your contributions qualify for a tax deduction.


  • Giving someone the chance to continue reading using an

    electronic magnifier or specialized reading glasses..

  • Helping a child hear their loved one’s voices for the first time.
  •  Providing someone the training to receive a leader dog.
  • Furnishing someone with vision aids to help them drive.
  • Giving an elderly person the opportunity to spend quality time

    with family.

  • Granting someone technology to enjoy things they love.
  • Providing an environment where those with hearing or

    vision loss feel safe.